The Digital Media Fest is the first official Italian Festival of the web series.

The Digital Media Fest intends to promote a new model of interaction between traditional films and the latest kind of productions, which use the Internet to create and upload their content.

The Digital Media Fest is not just a celebration of the web series, it is aiming to become a permanent multimedia showcase for the newest talents and independent productions.

In fact, the Digital Media Fest is the central event of the organization, which works constantly and continuously with the web content over the years.

The Digital Media Fest is not only an event but a competition, a celebration of the new digital trends, a showcase for independent content and also has the goal to represent the contemporary media world with a permanent area in which to share new ideas and projects and to create new connections between other authors and productions, in order to lead the WebSphere into the consecrated film industry.

The Festival, built in a canonical way with an annual event, allows even the oldest and most conservative companies to discover and appreciate new kinds of entertainment, creating a direct link with authors, filmmakers, and actors of the web series during the event.
A sort of Market- Festival to promote the talents of the web and turn the contemporary movie scene into a new kind of cinema, that could be closer to the needs of the audience.