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Digital Media Fest 2022

Panel: “Incontro con i Web Fest Internazionali”

15 Dicembre 2022. Dalle 10:00 alle 12:00
Sala Kodak – Casa del Cinema

I webfest e i festival in generale creano un punto di partenza per una rete di comunicazione internazionale, ma ciò che ha sempre caratterizzato questi eventi è l’incontro, lo scambio di opinioni, di contatti e di idee; Durante quest’incontro con i direttori dei webfest internzionali – nello specifico di Bilbao Seriesland, con Rose Of Dolls e Oliver Mend dalla Spagna; British Web Awards con Chris Hembury dall’Inghilterra, Seoul Webfest, con Young Man Kang dalla Corea, Die Seriale con Csongor Dobrotka dalla Germania e Cusco Web Fest con Josselyn Linarez Arcos e Daniel Antelo de la Puente dal Perù – verrà discusso lo stato attuale della diffusione del prodotto webseriale nel mercato internazionale e di come i web fest favoriscano la circolazione dei prodotti web nativi.
Rifletteremo anche sulle collaborazioni e cooperazioni tra i webfest di tutto il mondo per orientare la possibilità di investimenti e mettere le basi per un futuro carico di nuove storie da raccontare.



Daria Salvadori


Daria Salvadori Del Prato in arte Didi, ha un passato da presentatrice Dj radiofonica ballerina e cantante.
Oggi è una eclettica Dj, speaker radiofonica e presentatrice. Didi parla quattro lingue e da affianca Janet de Nardis nel corso in inglese di Fashion Film all’Università La Sapienza. E sempre per Janet de Nardis ha moderato panel internazionali al Digital Media Fest alla Casa del Cinema di Roma.
Didi è la voce ufficiale dell’emittente RID968 Fm e ha scritto e condotto per 5 anni il programma “Modus Modi” con ospiti dal mondo della musica e moda internazionale con un focus sull’Italia.
Ha inoltre ideato e condotto “Didi & The City “ un format magazine.


Janet De Nardis
Director – Digital Media Fest


Janet De Nardis is an Italian journalist, film director, television author, anchorwoman and actress. She worked for RAI, Sky and Class CNBC, signing some television programs. She graduated in Architecture and she is a web, art, digital media, and fashion expert. She Teached (contract Professor) in a course dedicated to web native products, and in a Master in Fashion Studies at the Sapienza University in Rome. She also teached in a Master in Media Entertainment at Link University. In this moment she is a professor in Academy of Luxury in Rome. In 2013 Janet founded the Roma Web Fest and today she is the Artistic Director of Digital Media Fest. She worked in Palomar SPA: web products advisor.
She is the founder of the creative hub “THinkfull”, to develops communication campaigns and manages social networks for important brands.
The last television show she presented is “Look Maker Academy” on Sky Uno. She is speaker in a Radio RID 96.8 with a program about art and technology.
In 2020 she is author and director of the short film “Punto di rottura”, and is the author / director and communication manager of the financial education campaign “Obiettivo Economia” for the Bank of Italy. Director and Creative director, for Stella Jean, of the awareness campaign against racial discrimination carried out under the patronage of the National Anti- racial discrimination by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. She is the director of the fanta-thriller Good Vibes which stars (among others) Vincent Riotta and Caterina Murino. It will be in theaters in February 2023. She is director of the magazine “Donne di Oggi – business & life” and editor-in-chief of a radio station “RID 96.8 FM”. She hosts the radio program “Incidentalis arte”Together with Prof Mauro Di Donato and Andrea Minuz she is the author of the book “web series” Imago 13 magazine, Bulzoni Editore; of “The Revolution of Fashion Films in Italy” for Via Film Denmark; and of “Teaching fashion. An introduction. ” New culture editions. Area 11. Curated by Romana Andò.


Young Man
Director – Seoul Web Fest & Asia Web Awards


Young Man Kang directed several feature films and over 10 web series. All feature films have been released on VOD in Netflix and Amazon in the US, and have sold in 15 countries. He has a total of 18 awards from a number of film festivals and webfests. Young Man Kang collaborated with fellow film “Avatar” alumni, Just Cause 3D, on his “4D Experience” Project. His latest series “Lotte Haus” won 8 awards and selected over 30 film festivals.He is a founder and executive director of the Seoul Webfest & Asia Web Awards. He has been a jury member at several webfests such as Die Seriale, Digital Media Webfest and etc.



Rose of Dolls
Director – Bilbao Seriesland


Pioneer & Creative actress, producer, director and writer, Rose is Suma Cum Laude Phd. in Social Communication with a Thesis “Webseries, the audiovisual revolution”. She is a researcher, teacher and active in film production, always struggling to help new generations of filmmakers and promote women in film. At A FILM TO KILL FOR, she has produced 10 digital series with over 40 awards, including awards for her directing, writing, wardrobe design and acting with series like Gifted Corporation, Otsoen Lurraldean, It’s your turn, and other works.


Oliver Mend
Director – Bilbao Seriesland


Director, Actor, Editor and really prolific in eveything he attemps, Oliver has directed over 50 works as a writer and director. After studying Fine Arts, he studied a Master in Audiovisual Companyt Management and excelled in directing genre films, digital series, shortfilms and music videos, in his previous company Happy Latex Productions, and also now at A FILM TO KILL FOR.




Chris Hembury
Director – British Web Awards


Chris Hembury is a Award Winning Filmmaker born and living in the UK.
Chris studied Film getting a Masters which he now teaches as well making his own Feature Films and New Media Content through his own Production Company.
In 2020 Chris founded the first ever British Web Awards and continues to work as its Festival Director rewarding filmmaking and web series creation from around the world.



Csongor Dobrotka
Founder & Festivals Director “die Seriale” | CEO Dobago Film


Csongor Dobrotka is director, writer, producer and founder & director of the Digital Series Festival “die Seriale” in Giessen, Germany. He studied “Drama, Theatre, Media” and since 2009 he works at the “Hessen Film and Media Academy” (hFMA), a network of the 13 film & media universities in Hessen. Since 2011 he is CEO of the production company Dobago Film, which is in the meantime focused on digital series. He is director and co-creator of the award winning web series “Number of Silence” and co-producer of the web drama “Lotte Haus”.


Daniel Antelo
Co-Founder and Director Cusco Web Fest


Co-founder and director of the CWF – Cusco WebFest: festival that empowers diversity and local communities through digital media. MA degree in Audiovisual Communication and magister in Journalism and New Narratives. Currently studying a Phd programme in Creativity, Social Innovation and Sustainability and producing digital short form stories with Nayarak Filmes. Coordinating professor of Media Studies at the high school and professor of Transmedia at the university in Perú.



Josselyn Linarez
Co-Founder and strategist manager Cusco Web Fest


Co-founder and strategist manager of the CWF – Cusco WebFest: festival that empowers diversity and local communities through digital media. MA degree in Tourism Management of Cultural and Natural Resources and certified in Public Administration, Josselyn has been gaining much experience working for hotel companies in Peru. Now she is focused on developing sustainable tourism projects.